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Dean T. Builders Inc. is a family owned and operated company having been in business for over twenty years in and around the state of Maryland.  With a combine experience of 37 years in commercial and residential construction, we bring a wealth of real estate experience to all of our projects.  While today, we specialize in residential housing in Annapolis and in and around Anne Arundel County; throughout our history, we have built in all surrounding counties including Prince George, Frederick, Carol, Howard, and Montgomery counties. 

Dean T. Builders Inc. has completed nine 9 subdivisions in Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties.  From those subdivisions, came a wealth of knowledge for all of the design phases of development and construction.  We begin with the location of the lot, to the introduction of our civil engineer for site design, and then architect for the design of the custom home. Next we provide consultation with the future homeowner regarding the design and finally to the financing of the lot and house.  We maintain high standards for our work, standards which our customers appreciate and which distinguishes us from other builders.  Home buyers recognize the exceptional design, quality construction, and luxurious standard features that make our semi-custom and custom homes an unbeatable value.  The personal attention given to each customer is what sets us apart from the competition.

Dean began his career in the building and development business in 1976, guided and trained under his uncle, Ervin A. Watts, an executive in large construction companies, and owner of Formulator Incorporated located in Clearwater, Florida.  Dean would ultimately become responsible for the construction and maintenance of over 2,500 day care centers, beginning on the West coast and eventually was responsible for the entire East coast. 

After joining the Milton Companies in 1986, Dean would turn his career to residential construction.  In 1992, Dean and Patti launched Dean T. Builders Inc. and have enjoyed many opportunities to create not only houses and subdivisions, but family oriented neighborhoods.

Dean T. Slaughter, President, and his wife Patricia H. Slaughter, Vice President, along with their daughter, Siabhan K. Downs, office manager, have worked together to create an atmosphere of a warm and comfortable home design and setting, no matter where the home is located.

Dean T. Slaughter, President


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